For records

For records They worked with huge enthusiasm, doing to arithmetic operations in a row, filling the whole writingbooks with results of calculations lasting many days.

For records we prepared for pupils special paper usual sheets in a section, only sections are drawn with lines of different flowers.

On one black, on other red, on the third green, blue, pink, brown.

A variety of flowers involves the child, does his work pleasant.

Having hardly written down figures on one leaflet, the kid suffices followin other color, etc.

Relying on the experience, we prepared more cores with ten beads, tens.

Children constantly got all decimal cores from a box and considered as tens , , , … We made boxes about tens full of decimal cores.

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But child, as being

But child, as being But child, as being human,wants bigger, than it is simple to be found.

He wants, that to it ~foxes! It is important to child to be convinced that it is appreciable for motherfigure against life, a figure identified, desired, required, not ~being howled with this background Here where our Sashenka!Only that the child is highgrade lived in a personal experience sweat ~ to be found, to begin to cry and to be consoled, it can on ~to the present to embody then in the actions in relation to another ~.

Only if to it treated as value, it will make thrifty useto another.

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However the experiments

However the experiments This spiritual event, capable to overturn consciousness of the adult, one of stages of internal formation.

This normal beginning of internal life of the child, his development.

It is invaluable experience, possibility of further search.

So the soul of the child makes discoveries.

So there was a method glorifying spiritual freedom.

The history of the little girl quickly dispersed all over the world and was first perceived as the fairy tale.

However the experiments made in the different countries, simple and obvious principles of the spiritualhygiene convinced sceptics.

Mental development is made by means of external incentives.

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That is the environment

That is the environment It should accept only that indigestible intellectual soup which is distributed by the teacher.

That is the environment first of all should not distract the pupil.

Then the teacher by means of the oratorical skill and makeshifts will manage to draw to itself rebellious attention of children.

On the contrary, the spiritual school does not put any restrictions to beauty of a situation, except economic possibilities.

You think, ornaments will tear off the child concentrated on work Anything similar, the beauty inspires concentrated and gives rest by the tired.

The churches, the best place of concentration and sincere rest, always called the most inspired geniuses to bring together all the finest in the world.

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The head

The head If you take out the child on walk in hot day, try to arrange a carriage with the kid in a shadow of trees, having in addition covered a carriage a sunprotection umbrella.

The head of the kid surely put on the Panamanian, it is good, if you will get the sunprotectionAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDProtect the child from influence of sunshine by all ways available to you points for the kid.

If to the child there were no six months, it is not necessary to apply sunprotection creams and lotions.

If the child reached the specified age, get for it only a special children's lotion.

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